KMC Standard Sleeves - Perfect Size

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Clear Sleeves to fit full sized cards and still fit into full sized colored sleeves. These Sleeves give you the opportunity to protect your cards in a perfect way. Simply put your cards into the Perfect Size Sleeves and...

KMC Standard Sleeves - Perfect Hard (50 Sleeves)

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Card sleeves protect cards from dirt, gunk and moisture Great for collectible card game singles Perfect for tournament use KMC is known for highest quality Protective ability power is Strengthened when combined with other standard card sleeves
KMC Small Sleeves - α (Aplha) Mini Black - Ventura Games

KMC Small Sleeves - α (Aplha) Mini Black

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50 Sleeves per Pack.Dimensions:W 64mm x H 89mm (D: Clear 0.1mm / Black 0.08mm)Card Barrier α series are matte finished semi-hard sleeves with scratch and stain resistanse. All the card game players can accept them.