My name is Sérgio Ventura, a portuguese Entrepreneur and the founder of Ventura Games. 

Being an old school TCG player, I always wanted to live by my passion for trading card games.  That became a natural thing to do as I have been playing games like Magic the Gathering for over 15 years now and I absolutely love the community and environment around TCG.

At first, I started with Cardmarket (here) and Ebay (here) helping and serving customers around the world getting an average 98.9% feedback score, doing everything on my own, from my home.

A few years later I came to understand that it would be possible to serve the community better, If I would open up a store myself on my city and that's when Ventura Games vision came to a reallity.

We have our own HQ where not only our customers can get their favorite cards but a place where they can call home and play everyday with weekly tournaments and alot of prizes!

But that wasn't enought.

Alot of our customers just kept asking for a way to keep getting their favorite games from us without having to go to the Marketplace or Ebay and having a faster and closer relationship and experience, having acess to our unique deals and pre-order sales before anyone else.

So we decided to create our online store too.

Today we are happy to be able to connect our customers on a more personal level and having our own HQ online to help you get your favorite TCG's with next day shipping and being able to fullfill all the orders ourselves at our real life HQ.

Welcome to Ventura Games.

Made by TCG Players for TCG Players.



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