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V Booster Set 10: Phantom Dragon Aeon

VGE-V-BT10: Phantom Dragon Aeon

Phantom Dragon Aeon is the 10th V-icon Booster Set released in the Japanese and English formats.

Includes 91 cards (5 VR, 11 RRR, 13 RR, 18 R, 44 C) + 1 Marker card + 40 Parallel cards (3 ASR, 36 SP, 1 Re).
SP Clan Packs are included.
There are 83 new cards and 8 reprints.
Includes support for the Shadow Paladin, Tachikaze, Spike Brothers and Megacolony clans.
Introduces the "Cradle" marker.
The package illustration features Dragheart, Luard and Phantom Blaster Overlord.
The booster's slogan is "That are the memories carved by the dragon".