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CFV OverDress - D-BT01 DRAGON EMPIRE - Vairina Valiente Playset

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CFV OverDress - D-BT01 DRAGON EMPIRE - Vairina Valiente Playset

Brand: Bushiroad
Category: Cardfight!! Vanguard
License: Cardfight!! Vanguard
Language: ENGLISH
Product Type: TCG
Release Date: May 2021

Includes the following cards from the DRAGON EMPIRE Nation:

4x Vairina Valiente RRR

4x RR R C + x1 ORR

««« NO SP's Included »»»

The only nation whose name remains even after 3000 years.
While the nation’s borders are in constant flux, it remains safe and affluent due to its great military power based on destructive weapons that meld magic and science.
A dragon egg of legends lays dormant at the “Red Dawn Manor” within the sacred temple at the center of Dragon Empire.

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The CFV OverDress - D-BT01 DRAGON EMPIRE - Vairina Valiente Playset destined to impress, and priced at only €100,00, for a limited time.

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Customer Reviews

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Vairina Valiente Playset - REVIEW

Content wise I really like this set, given that it is part of this new step for Vanguard, a fresh take on remaking the game that in my opinion has a lot of potential and so far has all the makings to succeed where Standard Format failed. It goes back to it's roots by massively borrowing from the Break Ride mechanic which for me was the Golden Age of Cardfight Vanguard, while introducing a Ride Deck and a New Trigger (which I'm not too fond of), as well as choosing to keep the new mechanic from Standard Format, Order Cards and taking away Imaginary Gifts. This set in particular is really great because it finally features Dragon Dancers as an actual archetype with a majestic-looking boss card, marking the first time that I'm invested in the Dragon Empire more than other Clans (now Civilizations). Also introduces Overdress which is an interesting and completely new Call Mechanic.

As always the product delivery was fast and safely packaged. 5/5*

Iuri Alves

CFV OverDress - D-BT01 DRAGON EMPIRE - Vairina Valiente Playset